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Skilled nursing provides patients who suffer from an existing disease or complex health condition with continuous care. Clients who are transitioning from hospital to home care can benefit from this program.

Option One Home Care, Inc. has a team of licensed and registered nurses ready to provide you with medical services at home. They work hand in hand with your physician to create a plan of care that maximizes your independence and wellness.

You need a physician’s recommendation to acquire these services. These include:

  • Evaluation and Skilled Intervention
  • IV Infusion (Antibiotics, IV Fluids)
  • Injection (Insulin, B12)
  • Wound Care/Decubitus Care
  • Lab Draw for Blood Work
  • Monitoring Unstable Conditions (Exacerbation of COPD, DM, CHF, CVA, HTN)
  • Diabetes Education and Management
  • Monitoring Response to New or Change to Medications
  • Patient/Care Giver Instructions (Meds, Skin/Wound Care, IVS, Tubes, Disease Process, Wound Vac)
  • Foley Catheter/NG Tube)
  • Insertion and Management
  • Colostomy/Ileostomy, G-Tube Care, and Management
  • Care of Rental Patient
  • Disimpaction/Enema
  • Diet Counseling (Low NA, ADA Diet)
  • PT INR
  • Palliative Care

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